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The Falcó family

A family that has dedicated its whole life to the sea.

A passion that began with great-grandfather Joan who taught his son Paco the art of sailing and fishing and when he was very young he would go out to sea helping his father. Paco was made to do very hard and even dangerous jobs such as making him go down underwater to untangle the nets when they got trapped at the bottom.

This made Paco a singular man, he was the first in Roses to do professional diving when tourism started in Catalonia in the 60's of the last century. He founded the CIR Diving Centre of Roses and brought up a collection of historical pieces from the seabed that can be seen today in the Museum of the Ciutadella, in the Falcó Space.

He passed on his passion to his children: 
Later in 1991, together with his daughter Anna Falcó and his son-in-law Ramón Piferrer, he founded the company that today we are all Els Blaus de Roses. 
In 1992 they made the first of many trips that took many tourists to know the North of the Costa Brava and the north of the Costa Brava until today.


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1992 - 2022

30 anniversary

Nowadays, the Els Blaus de Roses team is made up of multidisciplinary people who share several passions: dealing with the public, tourism, the sea and, above all, a love for the Costa Brava.

We work with all types of public, couples, families, groups of friends, travel agencies, tour operators, accommodation... and we do so in more than 10 different languages. Our aim is to make the north of the Costa Brava known through the tours we offer our passengers, to make them enjoy themselves and leave a good memory in their lives.

And we do this with our fantastic fleet:

The Aquarium II and the Cap Norfeu I and with the charisma of our team.